Chairman’s Message

Distinguished Partners,

It gives me great pleasure to be among you all here and it’s an honor for me to be the chairman of the Alexandria business association.

I always believed that achieving comprehensive development and creating wealth must always rely on two focuses

The first one is a long term plan:

This plan should focus on the main and essential ingredient in creating wealth which is the Human Factor.
We should create values within human beings since the early ages of education in order to create a young generation that has the principles of work, honesty, diligence, and innovation.

Secondly the short term plan:

which should focus on the private sector and its pivotal role in developing the Egyptian Economy
The Private Sector Should always be ready to improve its competitiveness, Financial, Organizational and Administrative Capabilities in order to reach globalization.
It must be able to apply all international quality standards and be ready to enter all sectors intended to develop the Egyptian economy like Education, Health, Industry, and services.


Mohamed Sabry

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