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VTEC : Establishment of Vocational Training and Employment Center

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  • Within the framework of the government projects for the urban development of slum areas through the creation of new urban communities by improving and developing these communities in terms of infrastructure and human resources. Therefore, the Northern Military Region invited civil society to contribute to the development of these societies through a set of projects. Alexandria Business Association (ABA) has therefore been invited to contribute to the development of human resources through the establishment of Vocational Training and Employment Center (VTEC) in order to rehabilitate human calibers and create employment opportunities in various business sectors as a contribution to improving the quality of life of members of this community, developing them and integrating them in a decent manner in society and different business sectors.
  • From this standpoint, VTEC seeks to train the workforce on demand, which is guided by a vision to develop the workforce in Alexandria, and stimulate economic growth at the community level.
  • VTEC programs are built on best practices from Egypt and elsewhere.
  • The center contains 12 training workshops equipped with all basic devices in various fields, and during the previous three years it succeeded in training 5,827 trainees.
  • The Center also employs job-seekers. During the last three years, the recruitment team recruited 2,063 jobseeker and helped them to have a smooth transition to jobs or other income-generating activities.
  • As well as the inclusion of 8,722 visitor arrivals from job-seekers, trainees and others who have visited the Center in the past three years in the center database.
  • The center allows receiving business leaders for production inside its workshops by providing technical support, production workshops and facilities that help them start their activity.
  • The center works on producing various products by providing some training programs outputs in the workshops, which are called training products in addition to production through the operational process that the center supports in some operational workshops.

The success of the Vocational Training and Employment Center (VTEC) over the past three years lies on the clarity of its vision, mission and slogan, as follows:


The best vocational service provider for employment and qualified technical & vocational labor.


Improve the perspective of the vocational labor and to establish bridges between employers and job seekers, by providing the highest quality of technical & vocational employment services.


Your Trusted Choice for Vocational Training & Employment.

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