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SME: Small & Micro Enterprises Project

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The Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) project is one of the main projects of the Egyptian businessmen association (ABA) . it was established in 1989 in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development to provide financial support to existing micro-enterprises that cannot obtain funding. Or project loans SMEs can quickly achieve financial and operational sustainability, so they are pioneers in the field of microfinance in Egypt and the Arab world. With years of experience in managing small and medium-sized companies, the company has developed into a consulting company. The supplier is in Egypt and abroad.

The SME Project today

It operates in fourteen governorates with more than 90 offices and serves more than half a million customers across the country. The human capital of more than two thousand employees, 60% of whom work in the industry like financial services providers.
It is currently in an institutional transformation process in order to consolidate its internal structure and ensure its functionality even if there is a change in management.
A strong focus on digitalization and financial inclusion guide our direction.
Whilst still being concentrated on micro-finance, it has now the opportunity to become licensed to serve the small and medium-sized enterprise as well.
Is contributing to the transformation from the informal sector to the formal sector.
Is focused on geographical expansion and development of new financial and non-financial products, including financial leasing.


The continuous development of its plan is one of the main features of the PYME project. The project started with a single personal loan plan to support existing micro-enterprises, but over the years new plans have been developed, including women, etc., today’s SME Provide a package of various financial and non-financial projects to meet the diverse needs of customers and develop the market, including five different financial projects, two grant projects, and more than six non-financial services.

Success Stories

Individual Lending Program:
Business startup

Mohamed El-Sabaawy

Mohamed started working with a simple sewing machine at home, and now he proudly owns a production line and a supplier for large schools.
Group Lending Program:
Business startup

Sabreen Thabet

Sabreen sells fresh produce consisting of fruits and vegetables. Like many Egyptian women, her main goal is to support her family and create a brighter future for her kids. She praises the ABA-SME’s staff and their outstanding performances

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