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AAMAL Foundation for Community Development

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Aamal Foundation is an Egyptian institution announced in 2017 at the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 3924. Alexandria Businessmen Association (ABA) as one of the pioneering associations in Egypt is the sole founder of Aamal Foundation for Community Development, which is considered as the CSR arm of the association. The scope of work of the Foundation is education, health and humanitarian projects


A distinguished institution in the sustainable community development field.


Achieving sustainable development goals for society through effective initiatives and partnerships.

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthening the institution and developing its institutional capabilities, organizational structure and human resources.
  • Success othe elderly’s intervention and constructive anew and the development of management and performance.
  • Creating new community-based interventions in education, health and childhood.
  • Establishing a strong community responsibility network and development partners.
  • Establishing communication channels with members of the association, success partners and society, and improving the image of the institution.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees consisted of leaders from the Egyptian community and experts, who volunteer their effort and time to supervise the activities of the foundation, and provide unique services.

Areas of intervention

The Foundation relies on its projects to implement the standards of the SDGs Goals, Which corresponds to the Foundation's areas of work with objectives 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 17.

Aamal for Development Foundation activities:

Hapag Lloyd for Development Initiative: which works on 3 programs, they are:
- A project to support and improve the educational environment for 2 government schools in the poorest regions (providing two schools with their basic needs, tools and equipment ...)
- A project to increase the capacity of El Hedayah Shelter for social care + (raising the efficiency of the infrastructure and raising the capabilities of the work team)
-Technical support project for the Social Defense Complex for children in danger.
Projects of the Sustainable Development Committee.
Projects of the Zakat and Charity Committee.
Projects of the Social Service Committee.
Supporting Al-Nour School for the Blind.
A project to support and operate El- Hedayah Shelter for social care for homeless adults.
An elderly companion training program in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
The volunteer mobilization unit.
Building a network of relationships within the community and gaining support

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