Who We Are

Alexandria Business Association (ABA)

The Alexandria Business Association is an independent non-profit organization that has served the Alexandria business community since 1983. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for Egyptian and international companies active in Alexandria. We are committed to our mission because ABA is also constantly exploring new markets and looking for business opportunities to establish connections between member companies and potential business partners in the global market. ABA an energetic player in social and economic development. We are pioneers and have established one of the most successful microfinance projects. ABA is considered to be one of the leading non-governmental organizations in the field of small and micro-enterprises. In January 1990, the Business Development Project-Small and Medium Enterprises launched a comprehensive credit program for this national purpose. This project is considered to be one of the best microfinance practices in the world. This is due to the diversification of various loan programs and the innovative use of tools to achieve their goals. The SME project is independent and autonomous, led by the ABA Board of Directors and its own executive committee. The project currently employs 10 governors in 83 branches and more than 2,351 (38% are women). The active investment portfolio exceeds 2.3 billion Egyptian pounds, with a risk indicator of 0.63%. It provides our beneficiaries with a wide range of financial and non-financial services as well as consulting services for other microfinance institutions. It is also an IT center that uses its own “credit tracking software” to track microfinance. To advance our efforts to develop human capital in Alexandria, we established the Technical Training and Employment Center (VTEC) in 2016 to provide quality professional training and support to the

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workforce and promote partnerships that promote growth. Communities and companies, and serve as a role model for outstanding human resource development. Regarding the development of skills at the top and administrative levels. Our Middle East Development Center (MEDC) was established in 2007 as an independent training center for executives and managers who establish strategic alliances. Have a large number of development and training partners to conduct first-class training. We also have a financial and consulting service department that acts as an intermediary between all financial institutions in Egypt and between members of the association to provide the best and most suitable conditions for insurance, financing, and investment.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Value

We strive to enable our members to succeed in business and finance while respecting their key role in the development of the Egyptian economy and leaving a positive imprint in society.

Our mission is to strengthen Alexandria’s private sector through the industrial, economic, social, and cultural development of the Alexandria area, and to promote Alexandria’s role as a major business center in the region by improving the education and training of the workforce, to invest in international businesses and to develop new businesses. Market, thereby contributing to economic prosperity and global recognition
• Committed to serving the economy and civil society, which is reflected in the development of the entire economy and society.

• Support society and ensure sustainable development in accordance with the government's 2030 strategic plan.

• Progress in the economic development of the Association, one of the most successful microfinance projects in the Middle East, "SMEs"

• Efforts to promote Alexandria’s human capital by promoting and improving vocational training, social skills, and corporate governance through our VTEC vocational training and employment Central Department and MEDC Middle East Development Center